Moments of disparity (Gary Baughan)

The gallery depicts sadness in it's various forms. For some, it is an obvious expression, but for others, it can be a subtle hint. Some mask their sadness through beauty in order to appear as though nothing is wrong. Most of the following works are done in an impressionist style, using the larger brush strokes to mask away some of the detail and leave the viewer to ponder why the subject is depicted in the way they are.

This forlorn-looking man stares at an object in his hand. It appears to be an impressionistic style. The large brush strokes highlight the harsh shadows surrounding his facial features.
This man appears to be polishing a vase, but he seems to be sad about something. Is he questioning his life choices? Does he regret not finishing college? This Impressionistic painting leaves questions unanswered.
This man looks as if he received dramatic news and is taking a moment to absorb it. The impressionistic style lacks detail, but his distress is painted on very well.
Pablo Casals looks as if he is contemplating the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. This painting, done in the baroque style uses dramatic lighting to highlight his darkened emotions.
This impressionist style work depict a monk seemingly rejecting something within a work. He appears as though he did not like what he read within a book and feels conflicted.
This man appears to be full of regret. Perhaps he made a choice in his life he could go back and change, but he has lost his opportunity to the sands of time. The shadows surrounding his features highlight his darkened emotions quite nicely.
The woman depicted looks sad. The viewer is forced to look at her straight on, as if the artist wanted to allow the viewer to see the full face of her emotion. We are left wondering what has caused her distress.
A woman sits alone, pondering the unknown. She appears distraught, as if some thought distresses her. The geometric shapes that outline her surroundings give the painting an expressionistic feel, but the detail on her face alludes to a more fauvist style.
this impressionistic piece depicts a lone elderly man staring back at the viewer. He appears to be worn and weathered, as if his long life has left him with many hardships and trials he looks back upon.
This Fauvist work depicts a woman looking to the side. She appears to be content, but her eyes betray her. It appears as though the artist desired to capture her at the moment of her greatest despair.
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