The features in this gallery illustrate pieces of art produced or inspired by the Islamic world. These works include decorative arts such as textiles, carpets and mosque lamps. The works of this gallery represents art that's created in a world of Islam; not necessarily religious. Every piece use some form of repetition and vibrant color for artistic effects.

The image depicts a textile from silk velvet. The repetition of the flower like plants throughout the image creates a visual pattern along with the imagery of everything in the image being represented twice(repetition).Texture can be described as smooth. The use of colors such as red at the top of the image and then being complemented by silver and gold throughout illustrate a complementary harmony that forms a vibrant effect. Red references blood and the generation of life
The image represents as the name suggests nothing but a carpet design in style that imagines an animal. The use of sharp red along with other vibrant colors complement the overall design of the image. The white lines are thoroughly repeated throughout the design and the shapes in the inner design comes together to form a structural pattern. The overall artistic elements create a piece full of life and color. Using navy blue along forest green create an analogous scheme that is complemented with red to produce an image that sets a vibrant mood.
This art piece depicts a mosque lamp with a large round bulbous body rising to a narrower waist. The image illustrates being made of glass and enameled with decorations. The tone or hint of gold along with pieces of red and royal blue creates a triadic scheme that communicate a vibrant mood and illustrate organization and emphasis.
The image illustrates a lamp for use in the Mosque. The use of colors such as white and blue green create a visual harmony. The pattern of the shapes along with the blue green color creates a rhythm of organization throughout the piece. Green is a revered color in Islam
The image depicts a lamp used in a mosque setting. The use of royal blue and crystals make the image vibrant. The hint of blue only on certain areas of the lamp depict use of a color scheme that is quite simple but yet complementing. The pattern of the shapes in blue all seem repeated- adding to the artistic and visual effect of the design
This piece depicts a tile made of clay fired to a porous state that can be made impervious to liquid by use of glaze. The texture can be described as coarse but with a smooth surface. The use of vibrant color such as blue green, black, and yellow depicts a scheme that contrast. The lines and shapes fall into a pattern or rhythm that help give life and vibrancy to the image. Green is the sacred color of Islam
This tile of the town Iznik in Turkey uses lines and colors of white, blue, and yellow orange to create a scheme that vibrantly contrast. The line travel in opposite directions but yet meet up to form a complementary pattern of a flower. Blue is a reminder of the life giving and the endlessness of creation. The harmony of the colors and the pattern that seems to illustrate a flower depicts blossom and life- creating a positive mood
This image illustrates a gate made of iron. The gate plaque is represented with repeated lines and patterns that may form an Arabic calligraphy. The pattern of the calligraphy may form a meaning. The use of simple black and white however did not take away from the visual effect. The color scheme is simple but the design and pattern are detailed and still attention grabbing. Black is used in Islam to signify something that is rich and loamy with a potential to grow. White can signify purity.
This carpet shows the use of lines and shapes to create a pattern that form three stars. It is a decorative piece of art and the use of contrasting red against little hints of other colors create a harmonic design that complements the design of the carpet. The rich red tone alone highlights the piece. The overall color scheme makes the work bright and attractive
The flask represents a narrow and tall image with vivid and complementary colors of blue and yellow. The contrasting line of the design of the flask shows some going in a straight vertical line as others go zigzag. The features of lines and birds are repeated throughout the design and the hints of royal blue and gold create a visually pleasing effect.
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