Seeing art color blind

This gallery was put together to show that great art can be in plain old black and white, and that you can use the illusion of light to make your art work better.

This image has amazing detail. The artist uses a hill to place the trees on. If you look on the inside on the shading of the trees you can see how the artist leaves a white area to make it look like you are looking in the wooden area.
This image is realistic. The artist does really put any focus on the low grass where the tall weeds are. Its almost like looking at a large area of land.
This image to me is the best out of my entire gallery because I am a God fearing person. The way the angels at the bottom of the image are shaded gives them the illusion of being ghost.
This picture to me was great. It has the fog shaded in along with the trees. The back ground gives me a morning time feel. It also reminds me of home
When I look at the picture the first thing that come to my mind is the weeds on Little House on the Prairie. The image is great and realistic.
This image reminds me of a video game level on Call of Duty Ghost. I like how the artist made the area behind the walls pitch black as if the light was being blocked.
This image just has great showing of the illusion of light. The artist made everything that has just a slight bit of color dark besides the road.
When I look at this image, the only thing that I see is the moonlight on the tree. The move isn't showing is the image, but the shading behind the tree to me looks like it dark outside.
This image displays excellent shading. The way the artist made the trees were great. If you look at the road, the artist also shaded some of the trees over the road to go along with the overhead view.
This image is basic but I like it because of the detail the artist put around the father and child. He also made it obvious that the child is with his dad because he the artist has them holding hands.
This image gives off a picture with many images in it. It has a tiger in it that looks like its in motion laying on a tree. I really don't see the artist using a reference on this image except for the tiger and the tree.
This image displays a wave in a body of water. I think the artist could have done better with the shading on the wave but the picture still looks great.
This work of art is just realistic. It looks like the artist us a series of references to make this collage. The detail that the artist used on the wooden floor is just outstanding.
This image makes the weeds looks like they are blowing in the wind. The artist shows great detail and uses the illusion of air on the the weeds.
The first thing that comes to my head when I see this is Mr.Ed. The artist just wants to focus on the horse and the dog. The artist also you an off whit color paper for the image as well giving it color that the image really doesn't have.
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