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This is a drawing of a windmill in the background. I like that the windmill is larger and stands out among other items in the drawing.
This windmill is a realistic approach of an old windmill. These windmills are similar to wind turbines that we use today.
In this picture you can see a windmill and a second windmill is in the background.
This picture is not clear at first but when I look at the panting , I can see a wind turbine faintly in the distance.
I choose this picture because it has a similar function and turns like a windmill.
This picture is similar to Spring Drizzle . It does not have the same function as a windmill but it has similar function as a windmill.
To me this is a symbol of a wind turbine because it is similar to the blades located on the turbine.
This picture reminds me of a farm that has a wind turbine on it. Today you will see farm fields covered in turbines, this is what this picture reminds me of.
This is a farm full of windmills creating energy. A very realistic painting.
This is a windmill farm, similar to what we see today. Although they are not identical to the turbines we see in farm fields today, they do have large blades that are similar in function.
Again, there are two windmills in this picture that show similar characteristics of a wind turbine.
Even though this picture is titled, "The Bird", when I initially observed this picture I saw a non-objective picture of the blades in a turbine.
I choose this picture because when I look at the sky it is windy. For a wind turbine to turn you need the wind. The wind is what is producing the energy.
I know that this picture does not symbol a wind turbine, however, when I initially looked at the picture I imagined people building the turbine.
In this picture I see a non-objective picture of a windturbine. I see the pole with three blades at the top/
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