Ben Depta

Color Schemes

This painting uses two main colors, orange and blue, which compliment each other. The artwork has an overall calm mood.
The artwork uses different tints and shades of the color blue, making it monochromatic. This gives the painting a depressing mood.
This painting uses a cool color scheme. It uses green on its walls, violet at the end of the staircase, and blue everywhere else. It gives this painting a sad mood.
This is a painting with a warm color scheme, as it uses red, orange, and yellow. It gives the artwork a bright, happy mood.
This painting has an analogous color scheme. It uses green, yellow-green, and blue-green as its predominant colors, with green taking center stage. The artwork has an overall calm, natural mood.
This artwork uses a triadic color scheme, as it uses red, blue, and yellow. The artwork overall has an upbeat move due to how the colors are implemented.
Credits: All media
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