Abigails shape gallery

The positive in this artwork is the tower of blocks and hands and triangle,also the moon. The negative would be the black and blue colored background.
This artwork has many rectilinear shapes like the red spiked shape that has many straight lines and sharp edges.
There are many curvilinear shapes with curved or soft edges. For example the jar lid is nice and curved instead of sharp,as also the plate.
The geometric shapes in this artwork would be the many triangles and rectangles use to form the background and the person in the artwork
The organic shapes would be the horse, the plant, even the rusted truck, and ground.
Pure forms are the simple shapes as they are like the different colored rectangles that are spaced out and the circle.
THis is a representational shape because it is something that is very specific horse that must have been seen then drawn.
Abstract is shapes and shades to make up a person in the artwork.
High definition in this artwork would be the white and blue lines.
The low definition in this artwork would be Light pink shaded boarder.
Credits: All media
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