Speaking in Color

Color is used in art for many reasons.  This includes conveying emotions, moods, and ideas.  Color also allows for implementations of other universal design principles like contrast.

Without color this image is beige geometric shapes. With color this turns into a fence hiding a pool and lawn.
The blue dress pops off the background that is nearly the same color and the red jacket and comb frame the woman's face. These colors set a nice frame to lift out the subject for the viewer.
Color here separates the different areas in the ceiling piece. It draws the eye and keeps it moving from space to space in the composition.
In this piece the orange gives warmth to the sun and shares it with the horse's mane. The fiery shades of orange in the mane also suggest movement.
The splash of red in this abstract draws in the eye. The yellow softens the view and lets the eye wander.
The use of color here lends a surreal and unnatural cast to the piece. It is also the aspect that brings out the details in the nude.
This is a great example of how a photograph can also be a monochrome composition.
Color in this painting is used to separate the subjects of the painting from the background and from the ghostly foreground subjects.
Color is clearly a focus in this image. It has popular socialist colors (red and yellow) but also uses many other colors to gain the viewers attention.
The color in this painting makes it a warm and inviting images. The choice of warm colors is what creates that feeling in the image.
This is balanced painting so it should be still and even boring. Bright colors that overlap and run into each other create a painting that is frenetic and a little chaotic.
The color in this painting is used to create movement. The blue and yellow have a high contrast to each other and allow all of the content to be made visible.
Color in this diorama gives depth in the background, contrast, and definition for the items in the diorama. It also shows a contrast between the soldiers and their officers.
The artist uses one color in this image creating movement in the image. It moves right to left as Arabic is read and front to back as the pattern and color fade into the background.
This painting has three major elements in it. They are the man who is the subject, and the background. We see these things because of the rich colors chosen for them.
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