Love conquers all things by carlos quinones

Love is a funny thing. It can soothe the angriest of beasts and calm the wildest of storms. We all spend our entire lives longing for the love from a special someone that we may or may not ever find. It can save someone from the darkest of places just by being a small light in the distance that draws them towards it. 

In this picture you see the girl going to meet her lover. by the looks of it, she isn't supposed to see him and could get in trouble for doing so. But that is the risk one must take for their love
In this picture it depicts that there are many types of love in the world and not just one. That everyone can have a love for something if not for someone.
A mothers love is the strongest type of love in my opinion. They carry you for nine months and deal with you for the rest of their lives with such gentleness and compassion.
A mother feeding a child. She does this out of love so that her child doesn't grow hungry and starve. the child in return has the same type of love for the mother that the mother has for the child
I love you. those 3 words in this picture can change someones life drastically. They can change it for the better or for the worse. Its such a powerful statement for everyone in the world.
The woman in this picture seems to be missing her lover. Being away from a loved one for too long can have ill effects on a person and she seems to be experiencing them for herself.
The prodigal son. The biblical story about the son who cast his family away to go do his own thing. but when he became broke and troubled he came home and his father threw him a feast just for him
Cupid is about to shoot this woman with lots arrow so that she may find love for herself. When he does, he doesn't discriminate. You don't get a say in who you will fall in love with.
The woman flower that she so lovingly and carefully looked after has died. and she seems to be distressed about it. this goes to prove that love isn't only for living and breathing things
Cupid and venus are about to make love or so it seems in the picture. This is the ultimate way to consummate with your partner to express how much you love them.
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