Love of The Arts - (thomas woodland)

This gallery is a collection of pieces reflecting the many aspects of art. Music, art, acting, and many others all play a role in bringing the arts to the world.  These pieces were chosen to reflect the different cultural aspects of the arts.This is just a few samples of what the Arts can convey to the world.  The pieces are all from 1900-present.

The artist used bright colors and bold lines to make this piece stand out from his chosen canvas. The musician is holding some sort of stringed instrument and bow to tell his story through music. This piece reflects my theme in two ways. The first is the way the artist himself used a skateboard to bring his art to a new audience. The second being that he painted a musician playing an instrument to bring another art to light in this piece.
This piece is at home in this collection. The simple use of fluid curves and fine details bring this ballerina to life. The attention to detail is astounding. You can actually tell if the black was used to represent an article of clothing or a shadow without even thinking. It is as if you are watching her perform.
If you can't see the beauty of this piece, then you shouldn't be looking at art. The use of the different shades of blue, purple, and white really show the depth of the artist's talent. The way she used the different angles to create the illusion of dancing is beautiful.
The smooth curvy lines of the sculpture help capture the gracefulness of the dancer. The artist captured every detail to bring this piece to life. The pose so subtle yet beautifully done to keep the sculpture tasteful. The craftsmanship alone lends well to the love put into this piece.
Here we see another sculpture in this line-up. This artist used a more block style to the figure's form. While the detail is not as minute as the dancer, you can tell exactly what the artist wanted you to see. You can almost imagine standing there listening to the music coming from the violin.
This is my favorite piece of this gallery. I have never heard of this type of art before coming across this artist. The way he has combined the images, it is like you are in the room itself. This is what I would consider a great example of the love of art. I could look at this one for hours.
Let's take a trip across the world. Here we have a sculpture of a tribesman. I particularly like the line work used to represent the face paint. The simple smooth texture of the face helps make the lines stand out. It is also no small task to add the illusion of hair.
Here is another sculpture, this one done beautifully in wood. The amount of detail this artist chiseled out with his tools is amazing. The staining added to help highlight the age in the face is great. The amount of time put into something like this does not come from someone who doesn't love what they do.
Now, we will switch gears to a piece most describe as street art. On the left, you notice the block like images done to look like they are 3D. On the right, a 2D picture of a boy with a vibrant background. Paintings like these are done by people who have a real love for what they do.
Last, in my gallery of the arts, is a picture that inspires. This center in Paris, is just what we need in every country to help promote the arts. Can you imagine what you might have done if you had something like this growing up? Inspiring young artists is key to keeping the arts alive throughout the ages. Let's do our part in whatever career you have chosen.
Credits: All media
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