Texture in art: how it feels

Viewing pieces of art through the sensory standpoint

In this painting, the mood is designed to feel as if the sun has just set on a rocky cliff where the viewer looks outward, feeling a soft cool ocean scented wind brushing their skin.
In this photograph, the viewer can relapse a warm summer early evening sitting in a lawn chair with their feet in the grass feeling the cool earth, while the warm sun peeks behind an apple orchard.
This photo gives the viewer a feeling of a quiet dry morning where a fisherman casts his device in to the water with out creating much sound or splash. The rocks give a feeling of sturdiness.
This painting depicts a depressing scene of what looks to be a village fire where the heat of the fire is only compressed by the wind coming from behind the man pushing a stick into the ground.
This photo gives a sense of a foggy morning walk by the person in the white gown. There seems to be clouds blocking much of the rising sun, where the water is reflecting whatever light seeps through.
This painting seems to have a bright moon beaming down on to a cold, quiet and depressed city where it almost seems as if whatever sunlight that did exist was extinguished by snow clouds.
This painting makes the viewer feel as if they are walking on a farm after a blanket of snow fell upon the fields overnight. The sun still emits it's warmth upon the snow, melting some patches of it.
The water and leafy textures given off in this photo suggest that this is somewhere down south in a swamp or bayou like area where two children play knee deep in the water, with fireflies.
This photograph depicts a very dry and hot atmosphere in a late afternoon on a native american prairie. Based on the dust rising beneath their feet from the dirt, it suggests this was a rain dance.
The feeling of the painting is as if a cool, beneath the shade of a tree, feeding is happening where the lion feels comfort. This is suggested by the sun being set behind the trees above the lion.
This painting suggests a cold and harsh journey, where the only warmth is emanating from the distant setting sun. It suggests a miserable but hopeful look towards a future outcome.
This photograph shows the dry and barren wasteland of Mars where nothing but dirt, dust, and rock prevail. The reflection from the metal from the pathfinder suggests a hot sun above.
This painting gives a sort of 'wind blowing strong before a hurricane' feel, contrary to the phrase "the quiet before the storm". The waves appear as if they are being thrown in to the shore.
This painting depicts a naturally hot and windy plain where the sun burns fierce in the sky, followed by soft winds that ruffle the grass and bushes from time to time.
This painting (my favorite) feels as if the cranes are flying high above the Florida everglades, as distant storm clouds can be seen covering over another area, but as if the sun is prosperous here.
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