Takumi Nojima

These are my collections.

I think this artwork shows that night of stars changes whole of the city.The sky is twisted and looks weird. There is a building which looks like a tower.
I like this cool and unique artwork because this artist told us that this hawk aimed at something from the tree.
This dragon looks scary and strong. This artist wanted us to know that most of legendary monsters are strong. I think he believe this dragon is exist.
I like this artwork the most because it shows peacock`s wings. I think this artist want to draw their beautiful wings.
This looks like an old clock. There is human`s face in the middle and this artwork is mysterious.I think ancient people use this for something special such as parties or festivals.
This artwork shows an explosion of something (I think ships). Also, there are people on the right side. This artist shows sad and dangerous of the battle.
Credits: All media
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