The beauty of life

This gallery contains family portraits and photos of mother nature herself. The meaning of life can often be lost in thought due to that some people step back and reflect in what life is. These painting show the beauty of life and expresses the connection between mother and child. This collection also expresses the beauty of mother nature and its doings with animals and landscape.

In this painting I see a mother and a son. The son in this painting is Benjamin West II. I like how in this painting the son seems to be like it's acting natural and not posing, it's realistic.
In this painting there are two ladies sitting with books in their hands, yet the books don't have anything printed in them. These ladies are different from our time because they look more conservative.
Unlike the previous paintings these girls look like their all posing.There are three girls and they all are wearing dresses as to now not all females wear dresses it actually rare and only occasional.
I see that there is 4 kids of different ages and sexes.The kids seem to be wearing silk around them as of now kids actually wear clothes that clearly distinct them from boy or girl.
in this picture there is a man cooking and it's different from this time because women usually cook and the kitchen is a lot more advanced in the way that there are no open flames and they look modern
In this portrait there are three girls and the shortest one has a doll in her hand. In this time period we wouldn't wear dresses like that because they aren't "fashion".
In this photo we get a panoramic view of a water fall and its different from today because there seems to be plenty of water there and today we might not see as much.
This photo is of a mother watching her child and I notice that the child didn't have a shirt on and there are no baby essentials insight. Today it is considered safer to put babies in cribs.
In this photo there are three girls and it looks more modern than the previous photos. The little girl is wearing a pink dress to represent she is a girl like we would today.
I observed that there are 2females and appear to have a close connection with each other The females I assume are sisters t is different from my time because females don't normally wear heavy clothes
This photo is different from my time because this looks like its in a faming community and its extremely rare where I live today and I see that there are a couple of people talking on the bottom right
This is an old woman who looks like is inside a tall building and this lady is different from today because older ladies don't tend to wear long gloves.
She looks like a middle aged women and the dark background makes her stand out more and she is different from today because not any average women would look so elegant.
This is different from today because Indians don't tend to dress like this anymore they blend in with the rest of the races. I notices the fur she was wearing the fur over her shoulders.
This is different from today because there isn't many trees and green land as shown in this painting. You can see that there are boats and the weather looks gloomy.
This loos different from where I live because I live in a big city and there isn't much nature around me. I can see that there is a dead broken tree in the middle of the painting.
I noticed the fog/pollution in the air and the big city. This is different from today because there isn't usually animals where cities are visible due to humans destroying their environment.
I noticed that there are 3types of birds in this picture and that the water looks clean This is different from today because every body of water that I have seen is dirty and is black or dark brown
I noticed that this is a naked women and it is different from today because sculptures in museums arnt often of naked people. I also noticed that the sculpture looks like its special.
I noticed that he doesn't have a shirt on and it isn't a full body. It's different from today because our sculpturing seems to be more advanced and precise with the small features.
I noticed that the person looks scared and is possibly naked. It can relate to today because it looks like a Buddha that resembles some religions.
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