Red as the color of Rage, Anger, and Aggression in art.

I picked this artwork for where the color appears on the person. The color red appears on the head, tongue, shoulders, and heart, signifying where anger can be channeled to.
Here we see what i would call "blackout" anger. Notice how the eyes are red and the ears are blacked out, signifying not hearing whats being said.
Here we see the final stage of anger. Notice how all the red is mostly focused in the chest/ stomach region. The white eyes signify the phrase "Blind with Rage"
Now here is where red can be interpreted any number of ways. To me, anger is the water inside the red bucket. You can't let it overfill and destroy what is around you.
Here's an accurate representation of what someone filled with rage might see the world as. Notice how the chandeliers are blurred and ethereal like.
Here's an interesting piece. Red can be seen as passion and love at first glance, then you see the knives. It could be a symbol of explicit trust, or paranoia, Or a secret hatred of each other.
Here, red identifies Achilles as a warrior. See the stern, yet calm, appearance of his expression.
Here, this piece represents the feeling of being above, or rather, in control of anger.
This piece could be a representation what anger can make you do to yourself.
This piece captures the expression of an angry warrior very well. It is unfinished it appears, but very well done, nonetheless.
Here we se a representation of anger being directed toward another, and it not being reciprocated. The individual in blue/white just wants to get away.
Its the eyes in this stone piece. They draw you in. Eyes have always been used to depict emotion. Even in ancient times
To me, this represents where anger can lead to. Darkness. If its not brought under control, it can go there.
Here is piece of murderous art. Not only is the blood of the head visible, But she is also clothed in red, to signify temptation and desire. (She seduced him before killing him.)
Here we have a religious piece of art work. The red is magma and lava from the earth being torn asunder. It also signifies God's wrath, or righteous anger.
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