Luis Abreu: Life with Scales

My theme is based off of reptiles. The reason why I chose reptiles is because I find them to be fascinating creatures and can read their anatomy better than other creature. Artistically, I always try to apply reptilian features within my art because I feel as if I connect to them more than anything else. The meaning for the title is how your life would be if you were a reptile, a life with scales.

In this picture there is a Nile Crocodile facing the camera. Atmospheric perspective is present and the reason why I chose it is because they are one of the most ferocious reptiles in the planet.
In this picture are the bones of a Stegosaurus. Stegosauruses are reptiles that lived doing the Jurassic Period, millions of years ago. They were said to be the size of a school bus.
In this picture there are groups of different type of birds. The reason I chose this was because prehistoric reptiles that once used to roam the world, evolved to birds throughout time.
In this picture is a beautiful piece of jewelry that has 9 snakes in attacking position. The reason why I chose this image is because I wanted to demonstrate how reptiles are used for fashion.
This picture has an Indian Cobra facing its back. The reason why I chose this is because the pattern on the cobra's back is intimidating to other animals and humans as well. Reptiles are to be feared.
In this picture a man lies on the floor while another is attacked by python. The reason why I chose this is because reptiles can be very dangerous creatures. They are not be taken lightly.
In this photo there is a turtle with two heads. The reason I chose this image because humans are not the only species that can be born with disabilities. Reptiles can as well.
This photo is man, Captain John Edwards holding his pet caiman. The reason why I chose this photo is because even though reptiles are dangerous, they can still be tamed.
In this photo there is a plate with snakes and fishes surrounding it. The reason why I chose this because people use reptiles for artistic purposes.
In this picture is a rabbit eating leaves. The reason why I chose this painting is because rabbits are prey to reptiles such as snakes and monitor lizards.
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