Moving forward, Don Jack

Revolution is more than just overthrowing the government because they aren't doing what you want for your benefit. It is also about moving forward in life and in time. Examples of how a revolution can be more include things such as the Industrial Revolution. This was a time of great advances in technology that will over time shape into tools that we use today.

Revolutions can mean advancements, such as the industrial revolution here. Here we see a city complete with various buildings and smokestacks, showing that the city is involved in industry and factories.
Revolutions are also small, and even when small it can be threatening. his image shows a disagreement between two parties, so imagine a take-over revolution scaled down to two people. It is similar to a small scuffle.
The image is meant to show fear and violence to a small group of people. Such works can be considered propaganda for one side of the fight. There is little contrast in the painting, and at first glance it seems like two large masses going against each other.
This picture is meant to portray a violent revolution with people rioting and moving forward with their ideas. The first subject we tend to see is the woman being carried. Whether she is the poster child or being shamed is hard to tell.
The piece, at first, looks like a calm scene, but after looking closer we can see a group of uniformed men with their guns raised. We do not see who or what they are about to fire at, and from the fires in the background, we can assume that this park is not the only place where violence is happening.
After every violent revolution, there are usually those that are injured physically and mentally, and others that have died. This painting was done during the times near the Revolutionary War. We can assume that the soldier is part of the British Army from the red uniform.
This piece seems like it tells a story, about two sides not being able to have at each other. Between these two sides the bridge is raised, cutting off any connection they could have had. One side appears to be from the formal military, and the other looks like part of a crude militia.
No one is too young to join the fight! Here we see a young boy holding that of a rifle. Perhaps the piece was meant to show who is fighting in that day, who is being forced into fighting because of the conditions, or what the fight is causing the youth to become.
This piece portrays an offensive from one side of a scuffle. Similar to most works we see two sides going at each other, one with the upper hand, one struggling to keep ranks, injured/dead bodies. This is a typical piece if it revolved around propaganda of a fight during the time period.
Considering the last piece you saw, this one is a bit more peaceful, but still involves action. We see people rioting and shouting at someone or a group of people off-canvas. The piece focuses on an unknown man moving with the crowd, as if the painting was a photo. It captures the immediate moment.
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