put in the moment

This sculpture by Rosa Serra depicts a bicyclist doing a wheelie. What makes the sculpture awesome is that it really depicts the theme of my collection. I feel like I can see the man showing off his skills in front of an audience or a group of friends. It really captures a moment, and puts you in that moment. I think that is something that 3D sculptures do better than any other medium.
Now Michael Angelo is one of the most talented and well known artist of all time (he's a freaking ninja turtle). I feel like this painting is a moment we live everyday of our lives. The picture is a devil and a angel trying to drag a man towards heaven or hell. Everyday we make decisions that that may be selfish or selfless. Its a debate that our consciousness goes through everyday. It shows movement as I can see the angel and devil tugging and pulling apart the man. The movement allows me to hear him screaming. Pretty remarkable.
In this sculpture it shows a man riding a bucking horse. What is interesting is that the horse seems to have much more detail than the man. The man, for the most part, is faceless. This really fits the scene of capturing the moment. I am witnessing this epic ride of a man and his stallion.
Here is a picture that was created by Raphael.It captures a young mind learning and wanting to learn. I feel like he is looking at the world and taking notes. I think he isn't looking at a teacher or painting, I think he is just watching the world go round. It makes me want to see what he is looking at. With the perspective, I feel like I can (and want to) look around the corner and see what he is looking at. I can see his pen writing on the paper, and I see him leaning in with interest.
I picked this picture because I don't really understand it. It seems to be an old man walking through a swamp filled with an ominous house and statues in the background. Where is he going, why is he knee deep in water? I also like how so many objects tower over the character. It seems like he really is struggling to get to his objective.
I wanted to find a more modern sculpture and I did with this.What is interesting is that it is like an in the wall "Fat Head." The fact that the ball is out of the wall is what makes this so interesting. I feel like I am just waiting for his next move. The sculpture shows movement and speed. I feel like I can see him zooming down the field, dribbling the ball, his next move could be the game winner.
Eternal Springtime is a sculpture of a young couple sitting together kissing. It has brought the picture on every romantic novel and movie poster into a 3D world. I can see the couple right now and it has the ability to put you in a romantic mood.
This picture shows what seems to be a grandmother holding her dead grandson. I feel pain just looking at it. The sculpting is so real. The hair is so real and the limp hand of the boy lets you know he is dead. Its called After the Storm, so I assume the boy drowned while fishing. I can see the grandmother crying right now.
Now this sculpture is based on Hylas getting seduced by the Naiades. You can see the young boy getting overwhelmed by the women. You see this in movies and stories all the time were women go after a young man to get something for themselves. Seeing how this is ancient greek mythology, I bet they wanted to kill him for taking water from their home. Why I really like this sculpture is that I see it happening right in front of me.
Now Sarcophagus with Lion Hunt is a bit of an odd one. Why would anyone want to be buried in something that is so terrifying. It looks like the lions are tearing apart the humans. It is a little unsettling to look at. If you look across you can see some of the humans trying to fight the lions back, but most of them are just getting slaughtered. Its one of those sculptures where I feel like I can hear battle music in the background.
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