Life of Music

This gallery Intel's how music helped people through struggles and how people use music for different things.

The Musicians brawl shows how musicians fought over where they where going to play their instruments. as shown in the picture one with a knife and the other trying to fight him off with his instrument.
Street musicians basically shows how a lot of musicians made their money by performing on corners and in front of studios to be recognized.
Musician and acrobats photo shows how music and musicians been around since the Egyptian era. this photo was chosen because by looking at the picture you can just imagine a journey they where going on.
Italian street Musician's shows the struggle of being a musician in the 1800. they where trying to play when and where ever they could find a place. this photo was chosen because of the dark grey shading showing that it was from the 1800.
The jazz Musicians shows have people made it through their day after a long day they would sit down and listen to a little bit of jazz to take their mind of the stress.
The infant Jesus with Angelic Musicians shows how heavenly music is. As you can see from the pic infant Jesus was surrounded my beautiful heavenly music.
Interior of the Teatro Regio in Turin goes back to the different uses of music. This photo was Chosen because it shows how in the 1500 for a small get together they would have a full band come in and play
The Virgin and Child Enthroned was picked by me once again because of the heavenly aspect of the photo. the angels sitting around the Virgin with their harps and other instruments.
Wandering Musicians shows how musicians traveled the world by foot to be an inspiring musician, playing where ever they can. basically that was their own tour.
The Angel Musician shows how music touches the hearts of some people. you can see how the angel came down form the heavens above and touched the infants as he slept piece fully.
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