We walk the streets - sashie rodriguez

The gallery is about showcasing street art and what the pieces and artist are representing. With the use of colors, techniques and perspective these pieces tell there own story. The color can be use as a symbol or as a way to grab the viewers eye as they walk past. The techniques in these art pieces or lack of technique can say much about the meaning the artist wanted to represent. Lastly, the perspective of some of these pieces are also a way to say specific into the true meaning behind the piece. 

Like most of this artist pieces the piece is of a man in the city he came met. The colors range from deep blues to lighter, black and then tan. The tan signifies the mans age and wisdom, on how life has made his once white light now have a slight tinge. But the blues are more interesting as they signify the mans demeanor on how calm and relaxed his is for someone who did loose that pure white.
The colors in this particular piece are strong and vibrant showing this person has a strong personality and much life in them. The mix of blues, purples, red, and even a small touch of green represent how this person comes from a mix of backgrounds. A person with much heritage but strong beliefs as shown in the darkness of the eyes.
This small art piece says a lot with just it's size. As if the person in the mural feels small in such a big world. He looks up in search for something he can relate to and understand. The colors are unique because the artist used the color from the background that it was painted on, only accenting small features in the face with white.
The size of this piece shows how people try to avoid the inevitable truth about this world. This piece is hidden in a corner but still in a path much traveled by the looks of the photo. The garbage on the ground helps to push this point across. But most importantly the artist chose a bright red to make it pop out from it' surrounding and grabs people attention. Forcing them to slow down and observe.
The shadow on the ground isn't clear to see in this photo but in further look, the shadow is tall than the man walking away from it. His hands are behind his back and he shrugging his shoulders making himself smaller as if he's secluding into himself. The bright red shirt is to pop out against the surrounding environment and grabs passerby's attention. The man walking away and not showing his face signifies loneliness.
The snake like image is big and spans across a side of a building. The snake is seen eating it' now tail, symbolizing a recurring cycle. Just how people do the same and make the same mistake over and over. There are no colors besides black and white to give it that cold distant feeling. But the strokes are plenty and almost overwhelming.
Yellow is the dominating color in this piece. The faces represented all have slanted eyes which give them the interpretation of asian. The color could be associated with the asian ethnicity.
The painting of a face which seems to have eyes that put the viewer in a trance. This could be a way of the artist trying to draw spectators in. Or It could signify how we as a society all seem to be trapped in a daze, day after day.
This art piece here has no color, to not draw attention and show how the piece has no vibrancy to it. The lines are simple and straight to give a sense of coldness and even loneliness. There is no faces expression but instead just two dots for eyes. Which say nothing as to how it feels which gives it's own meaning with just that.
This piece though not painted is still a form of street art. The artist shows the colors to pop out to viewers walking by and even shiny objects held inside to bring it out even more. It plays with the light from the sun or street lights surrounding it always watching those to walk by, giving them life.
Credits: All media
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