Creativity through Photography

Emily McDonough----Clare 209

The city backdrop is truly remarkable in this photograph. The clearness of the in the skyline demonstrates natural beauty. The lighting contrast from top to bottom is visible. Two people make up this photo on a sandy beach setting.
This photo also tells a story as most do. This looks to be in the middle of a building complex with a slat of color. I like the angle used in this shot it is coming from above.
I love how this photo expresses nature. Nature is captured all throughout the context of this photo. The colors and angle truly capture an artistic viewpoint. This picture screams art to me through the lenses of the camera.
This Japanese photograph is very unique. The photographer includes an inanimate object with a natural backdrop. The bright toy like house captures the eye as the rest of the photo captures a picturesque scene. I think this reflects a Japanese style culture.
This image is seems to be edited with color contrast themes. This looks as a women is looking upon a dilapidated town. This photo tells a story. This story can be different depending on the viewers imagination.
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