A new Purpose

A new purpose is an art collection that focuses on objects that have served a purpose already and are later discarded, abandoned, thrown away, etc. But through the act of recycle, this objects get a new purpose and a new meaning, they are meant to be used for something and this art collection introduces the viewer to a new perspective, a new purpose that this objects serve to.

The Recycle Project is a project that an artists that had many pieces of art ran out of space to store them. So he collected all the media and gave it a new shape or form of art. In this picture we can see that the artist usedLED lights, pieces of blackboard and a board of steel to create The Doghouse.
In this piece of art we can see what in it's previous life was a Car's tire, that after being used it became trash. But after being found by an artist and his/her inspiration on Recycling this material, the artist used many scrapes of paper and many other recyclable elements and covered the wheel with them, this way creating a confortable chair, where people can sit in a Donut Shaped Chair.
In this piece of art by Jasper Huang, we can see a Mannequin. Mannequins are statues used to put things on them this way imitating the human body to see how things would fit in humans. This projects relates to "A new Purpose" as a statue that was build out of everyday recyclable materials, therefore giving this discarded objects a new purpose.
The artist of this piece of art is inspired in waterfalls and their movement. This work is made by different pieces of Abandoned Banners. The different types of banners with their colors, words and how they are positioned make it create an illusion and seems like it creates a waterfall effect between all banners.
In this work by Choi called 1000 doors, we can see a building covered by doors. This doors were doors that were left for trash and are now part of this building as a piece of art, through the process of Recycle by using what is not used anymore and giving it a new purpose.
Quilt with Love is a project by Sophia Yu, that puts together different threads and textures of Jeans by the brand Levi's together to make a quilt that expresses the message of Ecological Love. This is being used as a marketing campaign and serves as part of our gallery to see how recycled pieces of art can also be used not only in the art aspect, but also in a business aspect.
Recycled Timber and pieces of wood are the materials that were recycled to give life to "The Tempest" a piece of art that shows us the motion of people are dragged by the current of water. In this piece of art we see how the recycled material is used to show it's viewers the motion of being dragged by water.
In this work Chang Tau-Lung created Organic Spirit, which is a piece of art that you can go in it and see your surroundings in another perspective and a new vision. This piece of art was created by using sticks and poles that were abandoned, therefore reusing this item with a new purpose.
The Ornithopter is a machine/art created by Sam Deal and it is compounded by different pieces of objects in order to create one new object. Between the objects that are being reused/recycled here we can see tires, pieces of metal, motor and something that would work for it's wings.
After Balloons are given away in events, what happens to them? They de-inflate and become just trash. But what Choi had in mind with his work Happy Happy was to give this balloons a new purpose and become art. In Happy Happy we can see a great amount of colors and in the way they are shaped it looks like if they was an explosion. Therefore making this piece of art a color explosion.
Credits: All media
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