Galbraith: Color

commentary on use of color in various works of art

analogous, cool colors convey serenity found in nature
complementary colors bring emphasis to arms of the man depicted
analogous, cool colors create a somber ambience and contrast with the blazing fire
shades of white, gray, and blue contribute to perception of such colors as colder in color temperature
analogous colors and varied shades of those colors create relaxed, harmonious atmosphere
monochromatic color scheme in this depiction of mustard gas attacks and their aftermath contribute to this portrayal of suffering and war
bold, saturated hues of fabrics contrast with the pale tint of the woman's skin and her dress to highlight wealth and sensuality
low saturation of colors along the edges of the painting draw the eye to three main, well-defined figures toward the center...possibly members of the same family who are being separated
dark palette of analogous colors with use of shades of white on the horizon line as light
highly saturated complementary colors (e.g. blue/yellow-gold; green/red)
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