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The historic city of Toledo was influenced by both the Visigoth period and the Renaissance, Visigoths were one of the few migrant Germanic tribes that came to Spain. The city actually holds evidence of several non-exsistant civilizations, with tolerance and coexistence of Jewish, Muslim, and Christian cultures.
Palace of Versailles has become the embodiment of 18th century baroque French art. It had begun with Louis XIII but his son Louis XIV expanded it by moving the French court and government to the area
The Ellora Caves are cut and carved out the vertical face of the charanandri hills. Ellora has 34 monasteries and temples that date back to 600-100 a.d.
Kyoto was the main location for the revolution of religous and secular architecture with a garden design. Kamigano shrine had become a symbol of purification as well as a preservation of historic landscape.
Giza is basically a royal burial ground. Although many believe it to be nowhere near civilization, it is actually just outside of Cairo. Recent excavations have revealed private tombs and workers quarters were also built in this plateau. The structures are built of limestone but recent discoveries have shown they are cast with agglomerated limestone concrete.
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