Art Styles Gallery

By James Salas

I like this painting from the Impressionism because I like the style of the painting how you can barely see the detail in the painting it feels like looking through the mist and you can see a tower.
Painting that I chose from the Surrealism caught my interest because sometimes I like the landscape of ruins because it tells us a story about conflict and the dawn of a new beginning will come.
The painting that I found from the Renaissance section fascinated because I really like painting of building just from the looks of it you can guss so many origins about it
I found this painting in the Art Nouveau gallery that gave me a fantasy of things. I like the detail of the shadowing,and the detail of the clothing on the fairy.
I found this portrait in the cubism section and the reason why I like this painting because I like the illusion and shape in the hall it gives a endless tour.
I found this cool portrait from the Pop Art section that show large peace of shapes in unity clearly making a man face that gives in that style of pattern
Credits: All media
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