While preparing this assignment, I was intrigued most by the work that showcased two or more people of the opposite sex in intimate (not necessarily sexual) positions.  I am a supporter of a wide range of civil rights issues, gay rights and same sex marriage included.  So the concept of two people of the same sex being the subject of a work of art from many decades ago is fascinating to me.  I wonder about the context and the reception of the work at that time.  At the very base of it all, I believe that no matter our sexual orientation or preference - we all have a basic need for companionship, whether that person is a lover, friend or family member or, even, a servant as shown in two of the works included here. 

It is no news that a servant and master would have shared intimate details by the very nature of their relationship. The posturing of the women, though, shows more depth than hierarchy.
This is based on mythological story and I am amazed at the imagination it took to create this work so beautifully.
Two men who represent acceptance and tolerance despite cultural and political barriers. The symbol of 'heart' and word 'love' are shared between their symbolic relationship and minds.
I love this! I want to own it. You can see the intimacy in their eyes. Even though the master must maintain his authority by standing over the servant - their connection is palpable.
This is obviously sexual in nature. At the year 1915, though, I would imagine it was controversial. Today, it is openly and simply beautiful!
This is unclear to me yet. I see Greek names. Is one dying, the other trying to hang on? Were they lovers and the relationship is over? I don't know these answers but the pain is gripping.
This looks like two older people to me. Maybe they are a couple, maybe siblings, maybe long time friends. But you can tell they have been together for a long time to be in succession as this.
This is so beautiful. Two women who have so little choice about their life. So boldly saying, "I have a choice in whose hand I hold!" despite the voice behind them saying, "are you sure??"
Instantly I saw that there were only women in this piece (including their animals). Some are walking alone, some are walking side by side with their companions and some are arm in arm.
Credits: All media
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