Victorian Lifestyle - (Jason Handshy)

This gallery includes artwork and photos to show a little of what it was like during the Victorian era.

The central figure, Charles Stewart, dressed in white, holds a massive sword firmly in his hands. It's called the Great Sword of State. The young boy next to him is his nephew, who served as his page for the occasion, carrying the train of his velvet robes and holding the marquess’s coronet.
In this painting we get a glimpse into what a study room would look like. On the wall behind the subject you can see a roman pillar painted on the wall. Also in the background a small library of books on a bookshelf can be seen.
The painting of Hobson's Bay is crowded with steamers, sailing ships, barques, and clippers. It shows how much they relied on ships to transport items and people.
This is a painting of the Liardet's Beach and Hotel. As you can see, this hotel is bustling with activity. Supplies being brought by boat, carriages traveling on the beach, fisherman pulling in the fishing nets, and hunting game fenced up.
This painting shows the layout of the Fitzroy Gardens. The way the paths run make it look like a stained glass window from the sky.
The wood engraving shows people enjoying a day out in the Carlton Gardens. Many are admiring the fountain in the middle of the path. We also see a little girl playing with a dog, a couple sitting in the grass, and a constable enjoying the fountain.
Looking back to the city from Wellington Parade shows the Fitzroy Gardens on the right hand side, with the fence running around the perimeter keeping animals out of the gardens. The painting also shows a lot of traffic on the road with horse drawn carriages, people riding horseback, and pedestrians walking.
The Royal Charter was a steam clipper which was wrecked off the beach of Porth Alerth. This painting shows the ship battling stormy waters.
This photo shows the hustle and bustle of labor life. Many people are needed to remove and put items and supplies on the ships.
In this photo, there are two buildings built on the pier. The majority of the pier is railroad tracks.
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