Love outside - Anna Travinskaya

This gallery includes different representations of romantic love by artists from various times and countries. They all use different styles to convey emotions and meaning. However, one factor that unites all of the images is that the love is being depicted outside in nature. This background enhances the atmosphere and hints on the idea that love is also part of the nature. 

Henri Roussau depicted a wedding in this painting. The couple and attendees are standing between two different types of tree lines, whose arrangement resembles an arch. This gives an impression that the nature substitutes a church for the wedding. Also, a lot of green adds a sense of peace to the atmosphere, supporting the theme of love.
In this painting, Renoir has painted a couple dancing on the terrace. Above the couple we can see some green leaves that visually enhance the piece. The leaves are pointing at the direction of a couple, helping us to focus on the subject of the piece. The leaves also create a sense of lightness and that adds positive emotions to the love mood of the piece.
Van Gough has depicted two couples in a garden in this painting. One couple is sitting on a bench and the other one is taking a walk. The garden is so skillfully made using the stripe technique and bright colours that all the vegetation has a certain feel and texture. The nature sets a light and peaceful atmoshpere and that makes us feel that the lovers must experience that too being there.
In the painting we can see a couple holding their hands and looking at each other. Additionally, in the background there is an abundance of blossoming trees. This positioning makes the viewers concentrate on the focal point, but at the same time this setting enhances the mood of the painting. Many white flowers in the background emphasize the theme of beauty of young love.
Vincent van Gogh has captured a working couple in their midday pause. They are peacefully laying in hay and resting. Even though there are sharp objects in the painting, the couple manages to sleep, showing their trust in each other. The vivid bright colours of the sky and hay , create a positive mood, which make the viewers sense the beauty of moments that one can share together with a lover.
Paul Schutzer has captured a couple walking down the tree-lined pathway. Even though the photograph is black and white, one can still sense the sunshine through the lighting and shadows. It seems that the couple is enjoying a nice day out together. The sunny atmosphere supports the happy feeling of love.
This expressionist painting, depicts a couple walking down the forest. The forest appears very colourful with different shapes. It feels like it represents how different people in love feel when they are with each other. There are bright and darker colours. It seems like the forest translates their experience of being in a relationship - with its bright and darker sides.
In this photograph Požerskis have captured a kiss of an elderly couple. It looks like they have been collecting some hay, because there is some dry grass in their carriage. Despite being old, it seems like the couple is still working in the fields and loving each other a lot. There are small children in the carriage who look at them. This gives an impression that the author wanted to transfer the importance of what the grandparents give to their grandchildren - which in this case is an incredible amount of love for the close ones and for the nature.
In this surrealist painting Wang Xingwei has actually depicted a women as flowers in a pot and a man as a watering can. One can interpret the meaning of the painting however she wishes, but one that obviously comes to mind is the dependent relationship a couple is having. The process of watering and the lower positioning of the woman create a sense of inequality and the need to be taken care of by a man. The use of plants in this piece has helped to represent the nature of unbalanced relationships.
In this painting we can see two lovers being disturbed by someone approaching at the left. Their is a clear sense of worry. This is seen through the tense postures and look of both characters. The nature amplifies this feeling. One can sense a strong wind through the movement of the trees. This painting strongly depicts the topic of forbidden love.
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