Creation Of The Gods

This Gallery will show examples of creation made by god/ gods. This will include painting, sculptures, and other mediums. The creation is a concepts know by many cultures, each having there own style.

this is a depiction of god, they used a lot of color but one of the most noticeable ones is blue, because blue is used to represent harmony, the took a lot of peaceful ideas to create this work of art
This depicts the creation of the world, this is a interesting peace of art, the color that's to most apparent is gold that covers the people in the peace, the circles inside also have hue of blue.
Izanami and Izanagi, they created the island of japan and are the foundation for shinto as a religion. They used pencil to create this piece of art, the creator used small details to create harmony.
This depicts God creating adam, this style of art is very surreal but also has alot of attention to details, this a very creative use of monotype to illustrate something so unique and fantastical.
This shows the creation of the heavens, the artist used gray ink and gray wash on paper to depict this scene. Even though it's a simple concept, he used the simplicity to depict something so grand.
This depicts the creation of the world, the artist used oils on canvas to create this, he used a bland of oil to illustrate the creation of not just the world but also Adan and Eve (assumed).
This illustration depicts the creation of light, the artist created this with a style known as Mezzotint, the uses of space and color illustrate the knowledge the artist had while creation this piece.
This show A deity creating the four elements or the untangling of chaos, the artist style was engraving prints this is left for interpretation, he depicts the deity moving steams to create or untangle
This depiction shows brahma the God of creation, The artist created this sculpture by using volcanic stone andesite, The attention to detail is amazing showing a human quality but also deity qualities
This depicts the creation of man, the artist used a more modern type of style by using graffiti to show this, it's a very abstract type of style, using very limited amount of color to represent this.
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