7th grade research(Tamara Alves)

Tamara Alves Tamara Alves is a 32-year-old street artist and can change walls into canvases. She paints a lot of humans and animals on walls or buildings. She uses lots of colors for contrast in her drawings. She enjoys to make art with lots of detail and meaning so you can stop and really look at the piece. I picked this artist because her art had a lot of good colors and pop so I thought the pieces stood out from the others. I liked the way her painting popped of the walls and that many people just walking by could see her artwork. She once painted area about five rooms long and another area around the size of a window so she can work with any size. Tamara express herself through her art in the streets where people can walk around and notice her work. She can look at a wall and imagine an image and paint it and that takes a lot of talent.In one of her pieces she painted a tiger that one half was on one wall and the other was on another wall so it looked like it was jumping out at the veiwer. She can paint with lots of color or with only black and white and the artwork could still have lots of meaning. The work could be sad, happy, or even both and you can just look at the piece and totally understand what the point was. I liked her artwork because it wasn’t on a canvas or put up in a museum, it was made on a building or wall and it will stay there for a long period of time. She just has a very unique way of expressing herself and that is why I chose Tamara Alves for this project.

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