renaissance paintings and sculptures

By: jordyn kneefel and taylor van de car

This shows the renaissance well because of the flowy robes the people are wearing
In how background of this painting you can see how the buildings are very detailed and also the artist took a lot of time to paint the bricks
The arms in this sketch are very well done and Michelangelo studied how muscles make the arm move so,that show they look realistic.
in this sketch you can see how the artist used shading to make it look like there was a light on his face.
The artist did a great job with using the reflection to make the picture look even better.
This shows Human Anatomy well and his face and rib cage. Also you can see how the arm is connected to the collarbone
This sketch looks very 3D and realistic and how they are praying and eating
You can tell this sculpture was done during the renaissance time because of the robe also because of how detailed it is. Like on the sides of the chair.
This picture and frame are very detailed and also the robes that they are wearing are from the renaissance time
This looks like it was from the renaissance because during those times they wanted to capture how the human body works.
Credits: All media
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