Principle of Scale/Proportion

This pagoda is clearly scaled down because it represents a ten-story building but has been placed inside a 3 story space.
The size of the puppies in relation to the bowl and other items shows the observer the intended size of the dogs.
The scale of the lion and human in proportion to the mountains suggests they are far away.
The size of the men relative to the horses shown an attempt at accurate scaling of the figures, but it seems that the man on the right is a bit larger, and is the master of the man on the left.
The size and definition of trees reveals whether they are close or far away.
The size of the boats and men compared to the waves shows there are rough seas.
The men are small compared to the ships, showing how massive the ships are.
The small people create a surreal, fairy-tale-like notion, and the attention is drawn toward the spider because its giant size.
The idea of a far-off perspective is given by the fact that the closest subjects are very small, and the furthest subjects are merely dots.
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