"Color" the Language of all Cultures 

In this Gallery, I will focus on showing paints with colors and Love, as the Universal Language that has no barriers in art. This paints, will show how Color is used in different cultures,  to express Love and understanding it, with the different styles and meaning of the pieces. The different pieces, encourage Love in a colorful way that any person will understand.  

This Valentine card is a spectacular show of colors and love. It's rounded shapes makes it look like a fan with all it's splendor and a unique piece with the detailed lines and gold enhancement.
This heart boy depicts a very powerful message of Love on a street. The Saturated Red heart, gives the Illusion of the boy hanging from the building creating a 3d space on the blocks.
This image makes the art of paint a Glamour. It shows the powerful meaning of two people in love and how serious love is. The paint texture makes it seem, like if the paint is real flesh from far.
This picture shows the mix of joy that could happen in a party. People dancing with joy, gives an Impression of the Happiness of the people. The colors and the 3d space makes it look like they moving.
This Photo taken using the negative effect and ultra violet light, depicts the emotion of pure love from a stand point never seen before. The purple colors,show the heat that comes out with affection.
The saturation of colors makes this piece a very emotional one, because of the texture of the flowers. The organic shapes, give's an incursion of emotions that makes the hardest feeling fall for it.
This colorful marvel, depicts the beginning of the world in a very diverse way. The lines and shapes, make a diversity of people without differences in a very joyful world, where everyone get alone.
The detailed lines one this piece, are invocable. They create a very romantic site because of the merging of the lines that create the wardrobes. The analogous colors are relaxing and romantic.
This image, shows a very interesting antic love scene. A couple lost in love, admiring the colorful forest full of vivid soft organic shape flowers in oil. It makes you get lost and daydream of being in love in a world full of color.
This 1961 Telegram shows a manner of love that is very inspiring. An old couple, meaning eternal love, showing the couple as a shadow depicting the soul and body being in love. The lines and curved shapes that make the heart and the decorated fence design are very unique. If you get closer on the picture, it shows the detailed painting of the colors dot per dot, making you think how it was made.
And to finish my gallery with love, this piece is a blend of colors incarcerated with passion and erotic romance. The red saturation and the mix of infinite colors, makes the piece a true piece of art. The swoosh style on the hands, make it look like an oil paint, when in reality this is a picture taken in a negative color state, altered with colors and saturation. Great job creating that oil effect. Love, in It's maximum colorful climax.
Credits: All media
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