Developing Relationships

Taylor Chenevert

'Do not rely, O Gilgamesh, on your strength alone, look long and hard, land a blow you can count on! "Who goes in front will save his comrade, who knows the road shall [guard] his friend."
'You were born and grew up [in the wild:] even lions were afriad of you, [you experienced] all. Grown men fled away [from your presence,] your heart is tried and [tested in] combat. II240 'Come, my firned, [let us hie] to the forge!'
'He is tested in battle and tried in combat, he shall guard his friend and keep safe his companion, Enkidu shall bring him safe home to his wifes! tablet III10
'I will conquer him in the Forest of Cedar: let the land learn Uruk's offshoot is mighty! Let me start out, I will cut down the cedar, I will establish for ever a name eternal!' Tablet IIY185
From a young age we are able to see Marjane's development and the forces and people that are causing her to understand the world that she does. The Mentality that she carrys out through out her travels and developing positivly and negatively affect how she understands the things around her.
As developments go 'strong' woman in art are often depicted alone or with children. Marjane, even though she does have relationships, the way the she precieves things cause here relationships to fail often. Jusst as Gilgamesh also cannot seem to have a successful friendship because of his pride.
"November 1984, I am in Austria. I had to come here with the idea of leaving a religous Iran for an open and secular Europe and that Zozom my mother's best friend, would love me like her own daughter. Only here I am! She left me at the boarding house run by nuns." (Satrapi 155)
"We didn't really like to wear the veil, especially since we didn't understand why we had to." - A young Satrapi (pg 3)
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