Colorful pop art

The pieces that I seemed to chose are colorful, fun, eye popping, and different.

what stood out for me in this picture was the vibrant color, plus with the beautiful lady sitting in the chair.
Its was very impressive how the same five colors keep repeating over, but all the five colors keep changing shapes.
This piece is very strange, I loved the way the artist created the charters and how the back ground is darker and the charters and really light.
I have seen this picture somewhere before, I love how you can zoom in on the picture and you can see all the fine hairs on the dog, and the dog has such a strong stance
This picture reminds me of a gothic virgin marry, she seem to be very piece but at the same time she seems like she could be death.
I love fashion, i just love how the her train on the dress spread on the ground, the fabric the sure is so beautiful.
The color on this pop art piece really catches your eye, the really strange poisoning of marilyn stood out to me
when looking at this picture and see outer space, the shaping of the rocks looks like actual meters.
this picture brings me to the holiday, this panting texture seem to be really smooth as well as the color blend together perfectly.
I notice how the background is a lake which makes the colors of the autumn leaves stand out beautifully
I've notices how the picture is mostly blank but the details ing her face and other piece are flawless even the little marking around the picture are perfect.
this picture is full of imagination plus very abstract, most of the things int he picture are random but that what attracted me to the picture, the background are bright the picture.
the texture on the flower look amazing, the flower peddles look realist. the dull background suits the picture.
In this picture the flower are painted perfectly even the little girl seem to blend into the picture if you look hard enough. the artist implies that children are like roses delicate flowers.
this picture look like it was take effortlessly which why the picture stood out to me, the perspective is what makes the picture stand out
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