painting the blues

the usage of the color blue in art + what it means

Blue is a recurring prominent color in all of Medvedeva's paintings. In this one in particular, the vibrant blue evokes passion while still being soothing to look at.
The overall cool blue tones of this painting give it a serene and ethereal vibe.
I'm not sure if Van Gogh used blue solely because its complementary to his orange features, or if he wanted it to add to the somber look of this portrait, but either way I love it and think it works perfectly.
Blue doesn't really seem like an important color in The Scream, but picture it without the blue. It would feel totally off. Blue adds depth and mystery to this painting.
The muted blue tones in this painting make it seem like an emotional performance is about to be given.
In this painting, blue is used to emphasize the tranquility of the scene.
The dark blue-green hues of this piece tell us that one, it's nighttime, and two, this graveyard is not somewhere you want to be.
To me, the girl's blue dress contributes to the impression of innocence this painting gives off. If she was wearing a red dress, I don't think it would be as appealing, nor have become as widely known and appreciated as it has.
The Starry Night will always be one of my favorite paintings. The cool tones are amazing and work with the composition so well. In this case, the blue is inviting to the viewer.
Blue often represents wisdom and is worn my people of importance - most presidents wear blue during important speeches. This woman's blue coat makes me think she has an important role in something.
The blue background sets the tone of this painting. It makes me think this girl is feeling something deeply or pondering something that is moving her inside.
To be honest, this painting does not particularly appeal to me, but I chose it because we so often associate blue with great expanse because of the sky and sea. And this painting is literally both of those things.
With the entire painting consisting of shades of blue and the mangled form portrayed, this piece evokes pain and struggle.
This girl appears to be literally bound by her emotions. The overall feel of this painting is very much "blue".
This painting feels nostalgic to me as if Munch was painting a memory he wished he could return to.
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