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VALUE DISTRIBUTION UNBALANCED: This artwork is dominated by light colors which affects the emotion that it gives off. The light colors pronounce the sinister emotion expressed by this image.The only dark colors are seen in the small figure at the bottom and what looks like blood dripping from the top.
HIGH CONTRAST: This image is a good example of an image with a broad value range. There is a very apparent difference between the darks and lights, such as between the figures or between them and the ground or the flag, where colors range from black to white.
ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVE: This artwork creates a very clear image of space by using atmospheric perspective in painting. The landscape and cliffside near the point-of-view appear very detailed and highly defined. Getting further away into the background, the mountain and terrain begin to look less detailed, up to where they become blurry, low definition objects on the horizon.
VALUE SCALE: The value scale represents how the shade transitions from a bright color to a dark one progressively. In this artwork, certain spots gradually darken and become darker shades.
LOW CONTRAST: An image of low contrast has a short color value range. This image's colors do not vary greatly; the colors are similar in brightness.There is no highly contrasting shades. The white of the wall is similar in shade to the light gray of the floor.
VALUE DISTRIBUTION BALANCED In an artwork that is balanced, both dark and light shades of colours are present, and are equally distributed on the image. In this artwork, the light of the sky occupies the same amount of space as the dark landscape.
VOLUMETRIC VALUE The appearance of a three-dimensional object can be created through the use of volumetric shading. Focusing on the sphere in the foreground of the painting, one can see how the bright color cast on the sphere gradually turns darker as it travels over to the side facing away from the light source.
ATTACHED SHADOWS Values that directly define the form of the object are known as attached. In this image, black color is attached to the far edges of the circular shape, creating the illusion that it is a sphere.
CAST SHADOW The value that defines the space the object occupies is known as a cast shadow in art. A shadow may be clearly seen being cast off of Lincoln in this painting. The shadow defines the space he occupies in this image.
CHIAROSCURO Chiaroscuro is a method of creating the illusion of space in art by including a light source in the artwork that shines upon the object and creating a transition from light to dark. A light shines to the right of the figure in the painting, creating shade on the parts that face away. Additionally, a shadow is cast.
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