our natural world 

This exhibition shows a number of artworks that express the different seasons within a year through landscapes .All these landscapes relate to each other as they all show how our nature and surrounding's change during time over the year. I have placed these unique frames of work into this order to show how our earth gradually gets warmer and repeats its cycle each year .in this exhibition you will see a variety of different artworks from each of the seasons starting with winter all the way through to summer .At the beginning of this exhibition you will find and see our world at its coldest, during the snowy, cold winter .As this exhibition progresses you will see slight changes in the artworks as the seasons change from winter to autumn and spring . Once this exhibition has reached its end the artworks shown of our worlds beautiful landscapes are seen at its hottest season during our hot ,sunny summer season. Some of the landscapes used are mountains, fields and beaches . you will find that the artists use a range of bright , colourful and dark shades of  colours  through the landscapes to create the feel and atmosphere of each of the  seasons shown through their unique valued and well thought out artworks  .All artists in this exhibition have also done this by using a range of skilled techniques. This exhibition allows you to use your imagination while looking at some of the more abstract pieces and others share memories .  

This work emphasizes a structural frame
this artwork is a post modern artwork
This artwork characterizes the cultural frame
this artwork is a structural piece
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