Implied because it appears that all the lines are moving to the left.
Actual because the girl on the left is actually pointing her finger moving the same way as the lines
This piece has an octagon in it which is a geometric shape
The flowers have natural less well defined edges which make it an organic shape
This has analogous color in the trees. The green and yellow are analogous colors because they are beside each other on the color wheel
The man has a red shirt on the table cloth is red. The wall behind him is green which is the complementary color for red
The man on the ground has a almost orange skin color which is an unrealistic color for a human
The birds in the middle of this piece are drawn to look far off. This causes them look kind of black instead of white because of the distance and light.
In this piece the man appears to be closer than the buildings in the background which is why this has the illusion of depth
The mask is the positive space and the black is the negative space.
The marble is transformed into lifelike form which is actual texture
This piece does not represent any worldly thing so it has implied texture.
This piece has a little darker color in it but it still is the same hue of the other color.
In this piece there is great volume and there is many hatches crossed at angles.
The use of black and white in this piece makes the people 3 dimensional.
This piece has the same pattern of squares across it.
In this piece each half of the piece resemble each other in size and shape which makes it symmetrical.
In this piece everything radiates outward from the central point.
There is no line of symmetry in this piece which makes it asymmetrical
In this piece there is contrast of light and dark. In the middle of it there is more light and on the outside it is dark
In the background of this piece it looks like the lion is moving towards these people because of how the lines are drawn
The artist focused on the man mainly in the piece which makes it dominant. So there is emphasis on the man
The artist made the scale of these people much bigger than what they would regularly be.
The swan is drawn much bigger than anything else on the piece which means it has a much bigger proportion.
There is a repetition of people going across the piece
Unity This piece by Vincent van Gogh is an excellent example of unity. When looking at this portrait the viewer is pleased. The trees seem to come together in the same rows and columns , thus creating unity.
Variety Variety is displayed in this piece through color. Each one of the girls in this picture has a different color dress on. This drawls the viewer's eyes to each of the girls and not just one.
Representational The viewer will notice the snake in the tree representing the devil. The woman(Eve) is trying to get the man(Adam) to sin by eating the forbidden fruit.
Abstract This piece represents abstract art for many reasons. The colors of this piece are very vibrant and the objects in this piece are very strange.
nonrepresentational The piece presented here has no objects or particular make up. There is no significant meaning behind the piece, therefore making it non representational.
Role of Innovator The piece Out of Bounds is a piece that is like no other and is a different kind of art. This piece represents a new and unique kind of art.
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