Elements of art

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work. Jared Applegate

The lines in this piece vary in thickness and color. The lines are abstract and they go everywhere.
These shapes are both organic and geometric. The rectangle is geometric while the others are all organic, but even though some shapes seem geometric, they are not drawn exactly straight.
The forms in the foreground appear to be 3-D but the forms in the background are 2-D and seem to blend together.
The texture of the person in the painting seems soft and bumpy with grooves. But the surface of the painting seems smooth.
There is darkness around and above the people but behind them it is lighter. Good contrast in color.
There is a little space in front of you but in the trees there is very little space and it gives it a cramped and squeezed feeling.
The value is very dark on the face and hair and lighter in the background and on the sleeves.
Credits: All media
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