Vincent van gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter during the 20th century. His paintings include portraits, self portraits, wheat fields, landscapes and sunflowers. Vincent found inspiration from other artists such as Claude Monet. Most of his paintings are landscape, dominated by tints of blue, green or typically yellow. Many of his paintings also have an accent, typically red or lily/lilac. Van Gogh had a difficult, lonley life, and found a world of peace in his paintings. 

Inspired from the view of his bedroom of the Saint-Paul de Mausole lunatic asylum. Although he did not paint this during his stay at this instittion, and was based off of memory.
In Arles, Van Gogh made this painting of his bedroom.By contrasting colors,he expressed particular emotions:the pale purple of the tiles, the yellow of the furniture and the light violet of the walls.
As seen as the rest, the theme of this painting resides as post-impressionism. Colors that dominate this painting as well as many of other pieces of work are lily, blue, & a touch of yellow & green.
The preffered colors that dominate this painting are yellows, browns and more shades of lilac. Van Gogh is notorioulsy known to eat yellow paint, believing the yellow would turn his insides happy.
The area surrounding Auvers inspired Van Gogh to paint this field. The green and blue coat the backround and the red popees vivdly dominate the rest of this painting.
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