Works of art and architecture i would like to see in person

In Vincent van Gogh's The Starry Night we are able to appreciate a windy bright sky overlooking a dark quite town. He uses oil on canvas to paint this masterpiece. His use of shades of blue, black and brown make the yellow, white, and cream stand out in the bright sky. He uses lines to separate the sky from the town and to illustrate the wind whirling around the stars. The use of the brush allows for defined brushstrokes which add depth and texture to his painting.
Equestrian statue of Louis XIV transformed into Marcus Curtius is a marble sculpture by Girardon and Bernini. Louis XIV was not pleased with the statue which led to Bernini making modifications to the face and hair to resemble Marcus Curtius. This is a full round sculpture intended to be viewed from any angle. His use of form allows us to appreciate the tail of the horse as it if were moved by the wind as well as the flames beneath the horse. From a different angle one can also feel the wind effect on the cloak. The strength and heroic spirit is embodied in the texture of his body and muscular legs.
The Bedroom by Vincent Van Gogh is an oil painting made on canvas. The subject matter in this painting is his bedroom in which he uses different colors to bring out the essence of the room. His uses of strong contrasting colors are meant to bring a tranquility or peace to the viewer. His strokes and lines make every item in the room palpable and take us right to the middle of the room.
This mural by Jorge Rodriguez- Gerarda is of a boy from Africa. His use of paint is extraordinary and he has a way of capturing our attention to the boy’s eyes and gaze. He manages to show so much emotion in the boy’s face by keeping colors to a minimum. His lines help us appreciate the boy’s features. The image seems to get lighter towards the bottom conveying hope.
The Colosseum in Rome is an astonishing piece of architecture made of concrete and sand. The structural elements make for an elegant arena. The high arches allow the building to have structure but at the same time they serve as decorative features. This project was well executed as it made entrances for spectators as well as the emperor. The levels were decorated accordingly to the spectators that occupy the seats.
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