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Impressionism; The bold brush strokes are characteristic of the style. The brighter colours of clothing make the sisters the focal point. I picked this peace because it is a very good example of Impressionism.
Neo-Classism; The classical subject manner is characteristic. The sense of emotion and drama as well. I picked this piece because it has a striking composition.
High Renaissance; There is use of religious subject matter. The humans have dimension showing an understanding of anatomy. I picked this piece because the religious aspect relates to the culture of the time period.
Mannerism; Mannerism was an art style that focused on the human form, depicted in intricate poses and in exaggerated, not always realistic settings.
Romanticism; The storm is the subject matter, nature is common in Romanticism. There is a lot of emotion in the piece. I picked this piece because i think the use of a storm as a subject matter is very reminiscent of giving nature emotion.
Realism; The woman I very anatomically correct. The pose is natural and not posed. I like the relaxed pose of the composition.
Post-impressionism; The colors are bold. The figures are more representational than realistic. I picked this piece because of the bright colors and geometric feel.
Expressionism; The subjects of expressionist works were frequently disorted. Landscapes were common.
Baroque; The style is osentatious. The composition is very busy and detailed. I picked this piece because the crowded, ornate composition is a good example of Baroque.
Abstract Expressionism ; He Dripped colors , made an abstact lanscape I picked this piece becuse this work makes me think about the subject.
Pop art; is black and white with unusal subject matters.
Cubism; Depict objects from more than one view point.
Surrealism; Surrealist works feature the element of suprise. Art has philosophical ideas.
Credits: All media
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