This is Tannis' Final ary history gallery

In this picture i see two ambassadors and a stretched skeleton on the ground and this artist always uses skeletons as a symbol in all of his paintings. Why is one dressed poor and one rich? I think that they are both brothers and maybe that the one that looks poor is rich and the one that looks rich is rich but less rich than the other ambassador.
I like this painting because it has so much nice colors and has details and good shading. Why does he have a big head and small body? I think the artist is showing a man in a museum because i see paintings next to him.
In this painting i see people riding horses for war. Why are the going to war at this place? I think the artist is trying to communicate to us by saying that some people can have bad and good things in their time of life.
I like this painting because it has good use of colors and pastels. I see a lady which might have this vegetable for dinner that she doesn't like. Why is she just waiting there ? he's saying that some people should eat their vegetables before getting out of the table.
In this picture i see a little boy and his father sleeping on the hay that they might of been collecting lately but then had a little break so they had a nap. Why does he have no face? The author is saying some people work while other people can rest.
In this picture i see a cute little hare lying down on the ground and i like this photo because it has good use of shades but its not really that colorful. Why did this author do a hare why not a turtle or dog? Does this artist love hares or did he just get inspiration to draw a hare? I think the artist is saying some animals are fiesty and some are calm
In this painting i see a bird drinking water and two little girls just staring at the bird. Is that a seagull? i think the artist is saying that wasting your time is not watching nature, nature is your life.
This makes me feel kind of sad for the unicorn because he is trapped inside this barn fences and it looks like he is trying to jump and hes trying to get out of the fences. Is this author want the unicorn trapped? I think the artist is saying that imagination is sometimes trapped inside of you.
I like this photo because it makes me peaceful and relaxing. One question i have is why did this artist make this specific picture? But i think the artist saying that nature is peaceful and beautiful in our world.
i think this is a fascinating painting because it reminds me of my family having party on a boat at Kuwait. I wonder what the kids are talking about with there father. I think the artist is saying group lunches with family,friends or non friends can have a good time.
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