Euphoric Vibrance- John Griffin

Bringing together artwork from various artists with work full of vibrant colors.  If there were no color, there wouldn't be art.  Color can do many things to an art piece: give emotion and set the mood.  Venture forth and enjoy the wonderful world of Euphoric Vibrance.

Depicted is a human figure repeated and running within all the circles, some small others large. Using a vibrant color as yellow really makes this piece stand out as being vibrant. The image has almost a trippy fractal perspective feel to it. Bringing in the perspective element to give the illusion of being in a tunnel. A great use of yellow and perspective design.
Depicted is a female tribal type figure with birds. The artist uses vibrant colors as well as soft coloring for the female. The flow of the lines in this image are amazing. Really brings out the sort of texture and natural feeling. Notice the words within the picture, hidden and in another language but still noticeable.
In this creation the artists uses what appears to be a pillar next to a wall. Using amazing vibrant colors to bring out the artwork. Depicted is a simple tree forming into the world in the center. Visually this piece is very appealing due to the colors used. The artist uses hues of blue to really make the tree and Earth shape really stand out. Using concrete as the canvas gives this creation the illusion that the tree may actually feel like a real tree. Earth is Earth and the tree is a symbol of life. Without life, there wouldn't be an Earth that we call home.
Sarkis created this piece using lights. The colors resemble that of a rainbow but in a mysterious manner. Using lights is a way to show off the vibrant colors a rainbow produces. Even though the lines aren't a perfect curve like a true rainbow, this still is a rainbow from another view. Using the basic colors, the artist still gives a great performance of vibrance within the lights.
In this art piece the artist is creating the scene of an accident. As you can see there's some deep emotion within this artwork. Even though the piece is dark, the colors still flow with vibrant colors. Color really brings this to life and tells a story. From the top of the image is a little darker and as your eyes move to the figures, the colors get more vibrant.
SAM created a piece of art full of vibrant colors. Within the image is some basic shapes as well as some unnatural figures/shapes. Full of neon colors to bring out every shape and line. This image seems like it is under a blacklight to make all the colors glow with really bright colors.
Odili Donald Odita created this art piece depicting a surreal vision of water. His use for the bright colors is amazing and they all balance each other out with brightness. The use of sharp edges and lines creates an electric feeling, almost as if the water is fully charged with electricity. The use of vibrant colors is a great example of a great color scheme in this image.
The artist "Lost Souls" created this mural to possibly show how humans are so cosumed in life with food. Using different and weird characters to depicted what we are. The artist uses vibrant colors to make everything in the image stand out. The mural is so full of action and motion displayed by the expressions and characteristics from the characters. All sorts of really vibrant colors were used in this piece.
Chris Dyer created this mural at a mural festival and it is very vibrant. The colors work so well in this image. The artist uses different shades of the original color to give off a textured and 3 dimensional design to this image. The figure is an ancient Mayan-like person wearing some really colorful jewelery/clothing. A great use of some bright and loud color to really bring this image to life. Pretty psychedelic in a way if you think about it.
In this image the artist creates this vibrant piece. In the image is a character with a surprised facial expression. Behind the character is a scenery in one point perspective. The vibrant yellow background really brings out the center scenery and character. This image uses colors that are bright and some that are dark.
Credits: All media
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