Moving West

This is a collection of western art work mainly from the era of Westward Expansion during the 19th century. This is my favorite type of art because it depicts the struggle of leaving familiar territory with everything packed into a rustic wagon to journey into the unknown. My exhibition will also contain some western-related works linked to the times.

This painting shows emigrants moving toward the western setting sun. The movers ride their horses and wagons alongside their livestock. I chose this painting because it shows the end of a good day of Westward Expansion taking place.
This is a painting of a cowboy equipped with a pistol along side his horse. This piece was chosen because it shows how dangerous the western fronts were. Indian attacks were a constant threat and protection was a must. It also emphasizes the importance of a cowboy's horse. Similar to someone's car nowadays, they were almost necessary.
This is a picture of Jack Crawford who was an American adventurer. He had traveled long distances across the country as a messenger. I chose this picture because it shows how someone might have dressed while traveling the west. Not to forget, the rifle Crawford is posing on.
This is a bronze sculpture depicting an Indian on his horse waving the hide of an animal. I chose this sculpture because it takes a look at the opposite side of the immigrants. The Indians were a very important aspect of moving west and the sculpture displays a significant part of their life.
This drawing is of cowboys and their herd of cattle crossing through an Indian camp ground. The Indians watch and talk among themselves while the cowboys go about their business. I chose this drawing because not every encounter with Indians resulted in bloodshed, but some would even be beneficial when it came to trade.
This is a picture of Seth Kinman, a hunter from California. He is sitting upon a chair made from a bear with his rifle at his side, more than likely the one used to kill the animal. I chose this picture because it gives a good picture of what a hunter would've looked like at the time, and an example of one of the animals they would have hunted.
This is a picture of a young boy dressed as a cowboy. He is wearing chaps along with a belt buckle and scarf. I chose this painting because it is how some children would be viewed, and what would be expected from them. To work alongside the father tending to the cattle would not have been an uncommon circumstance.
This is the final painting which shows the true struggle westward travelers experienced. In this painting, Indians attack a wagon filled with travelers as they try to defend themselves. It was chosen because the painting accurately presents the risk of moving west toward a new life.
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