The call to War

In this gallery is ten pictures or paintings that were created at the time of world war two. World war two happened between 1939 and 1945 and included many of the world’s Super powers including the United States of America and the Soviet Union. Next you will see a vast majority of world war two collections.

This piece takes place in a concentration camp in Belsen Germany. This picture detail the devastation that the Nazi's did to the prisoners in the camp. This image was drawn to depict after the war when the Nazis knew that they had been defeated so they decided to just start killing the Jewish prisoners.
This piece is a drawling looking a crossed the beach after all the carnage that had happened. In this picture the beach is just polluted with different vehicles, boats and other objects used as defense mechanisms or uses of cover from the enemy. I find this picture very neat and a lot of character in it.
This photo is a picture of the Grand palace in Paris France. During the occupation of France the German Nazi’s used this as a shelter for their soldiers. In 1944 the palace was attacked by a tank setting the objects inside on fire.
This photo is also the Grand Palace before it was attacked. They used it as a storage for their vehicles, weapons, and soldiers.
This photo was taken when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. The Japanese attacked by plane by dropping bombs and driving their planes into the boats. This photo was actually taken inside of one of the Japanese planes.
As war got bigger they needed a way to get people to join their side and their forces. Many new pieces of propaganda started to pop out and convince people that what the other countries are bad and we need help getting rid of what they are doing.
This image is a building that had been destroyed after the result of an attack. This image is greatly detailed by including the smoke and dust in the back as well as small burning embers in the back ground.
This is another piece of war propaganda from the Russians.
These are postcards from the Soviet Union right after the war persuading how great they are doing even after the rough times they just had after fighting a war. The postcard on the right is of them rebuilding minor damage and showing them all working together in unity.
This last one is a Russian book and the drawling on the left is the Russians celebrating over the defeat of the Germans that were there to attack them at the siege of Leningrad.
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