The Dark feeling of gray

This gallery goes to show how the color gray has a dark presence in each piece of artwork and create's different types of vibes and expressions. 

I chose this because the color gray makes the woods in this art piece look mysterious and makes the dog stand out.
I chose this because the gray is mostly seen in the clouds for this piece to make it seem as if there is a storm coming creating more emphasis on the type of area they are in.
I chose this because I enjoy the messiness of grays in the clouds to make it look like one big storm with harsh winds.
I chose this because the overall feel and look to this piece is gray even when there is colors in it. The gray is what makes it glow and seem quite sad.
The use of multiple shades of gray in this piece create scary environments and the look of a storm coming. It definitely lets the observer know that the title really means what it means.
I chose this because the paper itself has a gray ora over it to give it a tired feeling yet cozy.
I chose this because the blending of the grays and browns creates a background that makes the characters stand out with their vibrant colors.
I chose this because the gray color makes the clouds look heavy with water and determine where the sun is coming from.
I chose this because this piece really resembles what a sunset looks like. Since the sun is setting, the clouds do get darker so it was a wise choice of color.
I chose this because the gray color makes the red on the man's suit really stand out and makes the background slowly disappear.
I chose this because one can tell that gray played a primary role in this piece to create the distance of the island and to add different shades to the whole thing.
I chose this because the gray color creates thickness in the paint used for this piece and gives it a rusty look.
I chose this because the color gray shows how sand is not that clean here and gives it the western look with gun powder everywhere.
I chose this because the overall feel is just dark and mysterious thanks to using the color gray.
I chose this because it shows how gray is used to create shadow where the light isn't hitting for instance, the white dress.
Credits: All media
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