I chose texture because I've always had a hard time painting texture. Now I have a better idea of the different ways I could do it. I actually did way more images. Couldn't decide which ones to get rid of!  By: Jasmyne Paves

I chose this one because of the way Ham paints. It makes it look like they are actually rocks.
I chose this piece because of how van Eyck painted the fabric on the figures, and even the patterns on their clothing. It's really realistic!
I chose this piece particularly because of the lace on the rim of her dress by her chest. It just looks so realistic and very pretty.
I chose this piece because of the realistic texture of the man's feather. Feathers aren't my best study, so by looking at this painting I could get a better understanding on how they are done.
I chose this piece, because of the texture in the woman's dress, especially in the thing around her neck. (Sorry I don't know what that's called)
I chose this mostly because of the bread and the barrel. Very realistic for bread especially.
I chose this piece because I like the style it is painted in. Also, the texture of her dress and hair is why I chose it for texture.
I chose this object because even in a photograph, it shows its texture. Very smooth and slick.
Honestly, this looks like a photograph. (It might be) The texture of the fruits and hay on the table are so vivid: especially the pineapple.
I've always loved the look of water in painting. This is another thing I have a problem with. Although this is light, you can still tell that the water is flowing. Very nice.
Although this one is light as well, you can still see the texture of the landscape. This is why it was chosen.
I chose this because of the texture of the oranges, and the texture of the cloth covering the pots. They're so detailed and realistic. It obviously took a lot of time.
I liked this one because it is a little funky with the colors. The texture isn't all that good, but you can still see it.
I like that some artists get to design some of the building walls. This is really texturized, even in photograph. It looks like you can just touch it.
I chose this mainly because of the boat in the foreground and the buildings. Sadly, it's not that visible because this was done very lightly, or was slightly ruined in the past.
I actually took sumi-e in art class, and I know how difficult it can be, so I always appreciate old Japanese paintings. This just blows me away with its lightness and texture. Really pretty. Inspired!
The table is what gets me. Wow! It looks like my old table, when it was clean! Good reflection. Her dress is also very nice, especially on her sleeve.
I love landscapes, but again, texture and I don't mix. This is really well done, the trees are amazing.
I've always loved flowers. I draw them constantly, but painting them with texture is difficult. I especially love the fallen red one at the bottom right of the vase. This painting gives me hope!
I chose this final piece because of the hair and the drapery behind the woman in the middle, Mary I believe. I have a blanket that looks like that from my grandma, so this looks very close and real.
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