Stoddard Pickrell: Color and Interpretation

The use of color can be expressed in many different ways.  This collection demonstrates how color can be used to interpret paintings in many different ways. 

The colors in the painting are a clear depiction of social status. During this time, royalty or upper class wore reds and blues. Most painting of royalty during this time came with them wearing a gown full of color, specifically reds and blues.
This painting is rather abstract. The vibrancy of colors makes one feel a sense of warmth, happiness. This is because of the brighter colors. While mellow colors like blues and purples exist, the abstract nature of the painting gives the colors more character and appear to be brighter.
The colors in this piece carry the viewers attention to the rugged nature of the cartoon snail. The snail has graffiti-like characters on the shell. While the painting itself gives you a feeling that the snail has overcome hardships. Those hardships could be from human interference or from just a rough snail life. Because this painting is a cartoon, the darker colors seem to give the snail more personality.
Romare Bearden does a phenomenal job adding spirit and a sense of cohesiveness to the piece. Without the color the piece would not have any personality. It would just seemingly be people gathered for no purpose. The color gives it soul, which for the subject matter of Bearden, this was probably his goal. Bearden primary subject matter tended to be african american based. Along with the idea it is jazzy or blues like setting.
Color in this piece established the setting. The beach is a very dynamic environment. Always changing due to tides, storms and winds. The winds seem to be emphasized in this painting. All the brush strokes are carried longer giving it a sense of movement. The strong waves off of the ocean also give the feeling for a windy, dynamic painting. The color is what ultimately establishes the beach and the ocean along with all the characters in the painting.
The dark color gives away the immediate feeling of the painting. This is a seen of terror and death. The seen is of a volcano (Mount Vesuvius) which erupted over a civilization and left the town in ruins and most of the inhabitants dead under the ash and lava. The emotion in the painting is complimented perfectly by the dark colors. This was a dark time in human history.
Credits: All media
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