The Price Of 'FREE'dom - Bryan Botsford

This showcase will display pieces of art that represent what it cost to be a free country.

This piece of art is showing the battle once Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. This artwork visually reflects my theme because of the countless lives lost during this raid.
This piece is sailors watching the USS Shaw taking hits. The ship took three hits and was caught on fire. The ship was eventually abandoned. This reflects my theme because of the lost.
This piece of art is trying to get the American people to buy saving stamps to help with war funds. This reflects my theme because of the amount of funds needed to protect our freedoms.
This portrait is of Harry Truman who was a president during WW2. I selected this image to represent my theme because of the task and choices he had to make would take a toll on anyone.
This is an image of Iwo Jima which was one of the two locations we dropped a nuclear bomb in Japan during WW2. This represents my theme because of the thousands of lives that were taken during it.
This piece is about D-Day when we landed on Normandy beach to help fight the Germans. This artwork reflects my theme because the prep for D-Day last several months.
This piece of artwork displays soldiers that gave the ultimate sacrifice. I selected this image for my gallery because one of the cost of freedom cant be repurchased.
This image is of an injured pilot being helped out of his place. This reflects my theme because it goes to the sacrifice men and women made for this country.
This image is of a battle that happened in WW2. The piece of art is very graphic showing a soldiers foot and part of leg laying on the road. I selected this to represent my theme because it just shows what is lost during war. The soldiers that are lost and structures and environments get destroyed.
This piece is medals that were given out in WWII. I selected this to represent my theme and also to be my last piece of artwork simply because from everything a solider sacrifices these medals will represent everything they went through. Even though these medals are great honors, just knowing America is a free country is priceless.
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