Elizabeth Brewington

Oil on Canvas I chose this painting because in every art class I have taken it has been a painting that was shown to us as an example of still life.
Oil on Canvas I chose "Water Lilies" because I have seen a section of this painting in person. The size of this painting is tremendous.
Oil on Canvas I chose this painting because it is one of the most repeatedly seen painting for me. It's in books dealing with American history and is used as an example to show George Washington.
Oil on Canvas I chose this painting because in a previous art class I had to recreate this painting and make it my own.
Oil on Canvas I chose this painting for the simple fact that it shows something of fantasy and it expresses lots of colors.
Gold, diamonds, pearls, opalescent enamel, opaque enamel, silver, platinum, mirror It's intricate and detailed. It has lots of small details that give the entire piece its great detail and beauty.
ink, paper It's simple, but still gives enough detail to know what the viewer is looking at.
Watercolor I chose this painting because when I think of watercolor I always think of color and this painting looks like graphite to me and it was surprising the learn the medium was watercolor.
Red chalk on paper I chose this because it shows that even a sketch can be intricate and have lots of detail.
Watercolor I chose this because it's a painting of something unrealistic and shows imagination.
Watercolor and pencil I chose this painting for the colors. I love how all the colors blend and make a rainbow of colors.
Tempera on panel This painting has hidden meaning and religious aspects which are important to me.
Tempera colors, ink and gold on parchment I chose this painting because it's old and still has lots of creativity and detail to it.
Nine lifesize fiberglass mannequins, Dutch wax printed cotton textile, leather boots, table, eight chairs, and other mixed media This image shows lots of creativity and is a way to convey a message in a new way
Sand I chose this sculpture because it's something that has been done in a time where I was alive.
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